Welcome to Best Self Academy, the online school created to support you on your journey. Learngrow and transform into the best version of you. Go it alone by taking an individual lesson, join our ever growing community where we meet weekly or transform your life working one to one with Liz. This is an inclusive school for all learning styles, ages, genders, races, religions and abilities. Best Self Academy is the language of the soul from love that speaks directly to your heart. This is a space of growth, love, transformation and unity. There’s something for everyone,  those who can invest a little into themselves and those who can invest a lot. This includes energy, time and finance.  This is where we grow and rise together. BE YOURSELF, BE YOUR BEST SELF. This school was created by a neuro divergent psychologist that works for both neuro typical and neuro divergents.


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Liz has dedicated her life to personal development. Through Liz’s years of learnings both education and personal experience. She has become a leading expert in personal development. She specialises in human behaviour, rewiring the brain and creating new realities through subconscious programming. Undoing false conditioning and awakening to truth through higher levels of consciousness. Liz studies both neuroscience and quantum physics. To transform the human experience. 


Liz is qualified in over 10 modalities, adept in human behaviour and awarded for excellence. With a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. Master coach in personal performance, accelerated learning and business strategy of over 10 years. Liz is also certified in neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis and timeline therapy. Liz is a lifelong learner and is both a student and teacher of life. She is forever learning and sharing her knowledge with you. Liz says her life experience taught her more than any of her qualifications. So how did she end up here sharing what she knows with you today?

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