Congratulations on listening in and finding why your soul has reincarnated this life time. You’ve found the pot of gold we all search for, ultimate fulfilment in service. You are here to serve and Liz is here to support you on your mission.

So you’ve been receiving downloads from the divine and you’re ready to step onto your path to serve. Liz is your guide connected to source just like you. Together everything is possible. Liz is a purpose driven entrepreneur and privately only works with a handset of conscious clients due to the immense energy she pours into your calling.

Why Liz?

Liz spends 6 days of the week in inner connection and 1 day of the week connecting. This enables Liz to remain at the highest level of consciousness and download with you. She lives in being which reserves the energy for doing. When she shows up, she shows up and you move fast.

Liz and her team have all you need to bring your vision to life. She had to bring her own to life with many trials and errors and can save you time, energy and money. Liz has almost 20 years experience in business and has never worked for anyone else. She’s an innovator co-creating with the divine just like you. She’s a leader who has the ability to see from a birds eye view. Being neuro divergent she’s primarily in her right brain which means she talks in film. As you speak she visualises finding the missing pieces to the puzzle subconsciously.

Adept in psychology and human behaviour which creates a message that’s reaches your ideal market. The people who need you. 

Does This Sound Like You?

  • I’m ready to step up and do what I came here for.

  • I am ready to co create and bring my mission to life that’s always been deep inside me.

  • I am willing to align with those who the divine has put on my path to create a better world.

  • I know my mission and it’s never been done before. I am ready to follow my calling. 

  • My mission isn’t a new idea, it’s unique to me, to my life and it’s always been there. I can hear now.

  • I am dedicated, determined and in flow. 

  • I do not have attachments or a need to control. I have already built my trust with my higher power.

  • I am in a state of authenticity and I’m ready to bare all to the world. I know people buy from people. 

  • I’m ready to stand in my power and become who I’ve always been. I know now is my time and I am being called to move and step into my calling.

How Liz Works 

This is a journey of trust. Trust in yourself, the divine and Liz. To move as the steps unfold. Hold your hand on your heart and really dig in deep as to how you landed here right now reading this and ask yourself does this feel right. The answer is inside you. 

What Type Of Guidance Can You Expect From Liz?

  • Simplicity creating a flow for your purpose driven business. 

  • Support with selected legals saving you thousands.
  • Numerology team creation based on specific life path numbers aligning with roles.

  • Brand creation including visuals.

  • Training in promotional content for social media that’s speaks from your soul.

  • Marketing plan both online and offline.

  • Campaign creation to make noise, let the people know you’re here.

  • Support with website analysis. 

There are many other ways in which Liz can support you and as you step into this space your unique timeline will be revealed. A main point from Liz is she trains you so you are equipped. She has no desire to be needed. You will be equipped with her years of knowledge to continue your calling. Liz will also share her contacts with you to support you along your journey.

How Does It Work?

Liz is a free spirit, all her work is online. Depending on her projects and where she is in the world will determine whether meeting in person for extra strategy sessions is possible. You will receive your own login for “calling” with tools that will support you on your journey including visualisations and courses to pull the answers that lay deep inside you out. You will receive one call every week which will be on a Monday at a time decided by both you and Liz taking time zones into consideration. Each Monday is recorded and each week you will receive another piece to your puzzle designed and presented to you so that you can move with it. Normally the support process is 6 months with optional continued support made available to you.

What Is The Investment?

Liz's 2 hour strategy calls are £2000. When becoming aligned with “calling” your calls are discounted to £500. This on a 6 month process total of 26 weeks is £5000 pm for 6 months. You have optional discounts when paying in full. There are no contracts here. Liz works on trust and when the time is up, it’s up. You are free to go as you please. Trust me once you see your steps unfold the fire will light inside you and you want to turn back that’s why Liz has no contracts. We are abundant. If in person strategy sessions are available they will be made available to you at an extra cost. Keep in mind you are paying for your “calling” login system and 1:1 time with liz on Mondays. Extra strategy sessions or in person brain storms are additional. You can take as little or as much as you like.

If you require graphic design, web design, information booklet creations or any further design or digital based services please let Liz know. She can refer you to her in house designer and you will receive discounts.

Keep In Mind...

Whatever your calling is, whether that be service based or product creation, it’s a forever journey. Liz is experienced in franchising with founding and building her own national company, franchising is something else liz can support you with if that route speaks to you. It’s definitely not for every brand. As the steps unfold you will have many ideas that will need to be segmented whether that be sister companies or an umbrella of your brand. All unique to you. These need to be placed on a timeline. Liz will work with you privately. This will turn the dial up on your calling and you will move fast…. In flow together co-creating with the divine.

A Message From Liz...

You are here… welcome to calling. I admire your strength in stepping up and serving. The world needs you. I am here to support you on your mission. The time is now… let’s begin.

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