“Hack your emotions, energy and vibration transforming your life, business and relationships”

This programme is for high achievers who want more peace, happiness, freedom and fulfilment in their life. You’ve got to the place where you’ve found having it all actually isn’t it all.  

The demographic for private elite clients is specific. It’s exactly who Liz was, that’s why she knows you so well and can guide you to freedom where she now is. If you resonate with the following, Liz is for you and if you don’t then this isn’t the partnership for you.

Does this sound like you?

  • I’m a high achiever.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I know what I want from my business goals.
  • I always do what needs to be done at work but I often often find I leave obligations out including myself.
  • I often burn out and get overwhelmed.
  • I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel and the next goal is always “it” but I never stop. 
  • I yearn for a life of freedom & peace but don’t know where to begin. 
  • I am disciplined but often fall off and want to escape my reality.  
  • I can take care of others but struggle to manage nurturing and disciplining myself.
  • I just want to feel more balance & fulfilment.

Hello survival mode, hello unconscious living.

If this sounds like you, you are releasing extra amounts of cortisol and adrenaline into your brain. This is damaging your white blood cells and weakening your immune system. You are addicted to stress, yes it's an addiction. Your nervous system is stuck in sympathetic fight or flight and needs to be brought back to safety into your parasympathetic nervous system. It’s time to expand your consciousness.

You have subconscious programming that needs rewiring around your personal value. Your behaviours are instructed by your subconscious. You only have 5% conscious control. This is leading you to unconsciously over schedule which means you are people pleasing due to unmet subconscious needs. This is then affecting your time management and leading to feelings of self betrayal. Then spiralling to feed the deep limiting belief that fuels it all…value. You believe your value comes from your work and without it, if you lost everything that would mean you are worthless,a failure. I must not fail, I cannot fail.

Did any of those points resonate with you?

Wake up with ease, sleep with a clear mind. Have more time to be and feel comfortable in it. Live a healthy balanced life doing what you love.. you deserve it, it’s your birth right.

Liz only accepts limited clients twice a year due to the intense energy exchange she pours into elite clients. If you would like to share Liz’s work please share her online school link best self academy. She appreciates you.

The investment is £5,000 per month minimum 6 month commitment. You can choose to pay monthly or in full. If you choose to take the 12 month option your £5,000 is discounted. Paying in full on the 12 month option you will save £10,000.


I'm Ready


I'm Ready


I'm Ready


I'm Ready

What can you expect from liz? If you are here liz has given you this private link. You are aware of Liz teachings, story and education. Here’s the link about Liz.

Think of liz as a guide with you on your journey. This is not linear and there will be two reasons why this does not work for you. You refuse to take action on the answers you become aware of or you refuse to let go of what no longer serves you. These are the only two things that will hinder your growth when following the programme.

It’s crucial during this transition you surrender to the process. All your answers will come from you and it’s up to you to take action on the answers you receive. Liz will guide you and hold you accountable but she can not make you take action or let go of anything you choose not to.

What can you expect during your partnership?

You will be sent a login via liz app. You can access your programme there. You will be required to complete in total 104 levels. 1 per day Monday to Friday. One of the levels will be a subconscious reprogramming mediation and four will be modules, each taking 10 minutes. Each module comes with a video, coursework and journal check in. Each week will unlock after the next. Your call will be on a Monday arranged time with Liz depending on your time zone. The call will last for 1 hour. On this day you will discuss the 5 levels from the previous week and Liz will answer and guide you on the insight you received.

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