As a high performance coach I offer 2 private mentorship programmes. Both are a 6 month commitment. These are private and tailored throughout. I only accept a select amount of clients per year due to the immense energy each personalised programme takes.

ELITE - One for the high achievers who have come to realise having it all isn’t actually having it all. Who know there is more, transforming their life which creates shifts internally, with relationships and with their business/career. Aligning with peace fulfilment, joy.

MISSION - One for purpose driven souls who have accessed their calling, their soul mission. Ready to make their vision a reality and serve. I support you in creating a template to make sure your mission lands globally. The time is now.

Both of these programmes I have personally transitioned through aswell as being qualified in over 10 modalities and having almost 20 years experience in business.

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