About Liz's Scholarship

Scholarships are gifted from anonymous sources who have personally experienced break throughs from Liz's 1:1 programme. All scholarship awardees are confidential. Personal information will not be shared. 

As a token of appreciation we request all scholarship awardees write an anonymous message after the programme to their sponsor to inform them on their growth from the programme. 

Please note awardees are required to commit to growth and complete a 35 module programme. 

1 module 10 minutes per day. At the end of the week complete an evaluation and follow the feedback Liz sends weekly. Weekly group calls take place Mondays 7pm gmt.

The Programme
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Liz's 1:1 programme is globally established with life changing results. The programme has been live since January 2021 with students from all walks of life enrolling daily. This is Liz's only programme and you will not receive this knowledge, education and wisdom anywhere else. It’s built from Liz's personal experience and over a decade of education. 
Through Liz's programme you will explore exactly what Liz did to rewire her brain, heal her trauma and bring her nervous system back to safety. We are programmed for survival not for life and conditioned with beliefs that are not our own. They hold us back and place limits on our life. Through this programme you will be faced with the truth of who you really are, remove the blocks wired into your subconscious and gain the tools needed to manage and create the life you were meant to live.


We are all born incredible, we are all naturally limitless. It's this authenticity we get back to through undoing.

It’s never too late to become who you really are. Throughout this programme you will gain clarity, peace, happiness, trust, confidence, motivation and actionable tools to guide you on your journey. Along with a mindset shift that will change how you see yourself and life forever.
Please note there’s 2 reasons why this programme will not work for you.
1. You have to be ready to release what no longer serves you.
2. You have to take action on the answers you receive.
You will be given the guidance for both but the doing is you. So keep both of these in mind.
Let’s undo, it’s time to go home...
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The world is full of incredible people!

We have a set amount of fully funded scholarship places available per intake.

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Sponsorship Information

Thank you for giving back. You are appreciated. The person who receives your gift will complete a short review after completing the programme, which will be sent to you. 


You are making a difference and having huge impact on not just the lives of those you sponsor but all the lives of those around them creating a ripple affect into the universe. You are part of rising the collective consciousness, you are appreciated. 


All scholarships are chosen by Liz based on their commitment to the programme. Liz checks in personally weekly with each person on the programme. 


Thank you for joining us on a mission to reunite the world with their authentic self.

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