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Hi I'm Liz Forshaw, I’m the girl who decided to never give up, I’m still going!
I’m a social entrepreneur. I create products and services that help you and the kids too. Through my years of learnings both education and personal experience. I have became the leading expert in personal development. I specialise in human behaviour, rewiring the brain and creating new realities through subconscious programming. I study the psychology of mental and emotional health. So how did I end up here? Sharing what i know with you today?
So like everything it all starts with our childhood. 
I have happy memories of my childhood up until I was 10. Both my parents were hard working and I also have two amazing sisters. From age 10 I faced some adversities at home that resulted in life going on a down hill spiral for me. I didn’t know how to deal with these things mentally or emotionally. I really struggled with managing my emotions as a child. Things got so tough I tried to take my own life, I wasn’t even a teenager at this point. I believe my parents did all they could with the tools that they had. Like many we just wasn’t taught the skills we need for life as children and as we grow we are still without the tools we need to manage life.
I decided as a child I was never going to listen to anyone again, I decided I was only going to listen to myself and I kept that promise. At the age of 13 I was placed in foster care. Whilst it had it's challenges I looked at it as an adventure and although I didn't know it then, it was the best thing for me.
I moved from foster home to foster home, some great places, one I treasure and some not so great. This taught me a lot in a pinnacle time of my adolescence development. I was 13, at this time we lose half our brain functions. So I wasn’t just struggling with my family dynamic, I was struggling in development too. On top of this we had to go to school which I hated. After the struggles I had already experienced and the guidance I had getting me no where fast,  I didn’t trust an adults judgment much.
I struggled in school because of what I had going on at home but I was also struggling academically. My frustrations were put down to the challenges I was facing at home but what they missed was I was actually dyslexic and couldn’t learn how I was being taught.
So on top of the struggles I had, I also had masses of anger, resentment and frustration. Anyway, with no surprise I left school with no GCSES. I started my first business at 16. I've never worked for anyone other than a few jobs I had in my teens.
This has taught me masses of discipline and accountability. At 20 I started another business by 25 I’d franchised the company and sold it nationwide. I retired at 29 wait for it... I was bankrupt at 30, well as good as! I know, what is life?
I've been studying personal development since I was a teenager. I've been working with my subconscious mind since I was 12. I had to do something and I knew it was only me who could help me. I learned that young. After closing my previous empire down at 30 I was left shattered. At this time my long term relationship ended. I continued to live out patterns of familiarity from my childhood as I was in a cycle that although unhealthy felt normal because that was my normal, all I knew. Our brain likes familiar and will relive out patterns, it will gravitate to what feels like home even if home wasn't so great. Our brain is attracted to familiar not great. This is why we have to unlearn unhealthy habits. Our subconscious mind is a record of our past and it will keep on playing it until we change it. 
I lived a very unhealthy life for 30 years both my relationship with work and relationships around me were toxic. My needs were not met in any area of my life mainly because I wasn’t fulfilling my own needs. I had an addiction to work because I believed my value came from my achievements, I was over disciplined and under nurtured. I lived in survival mode, because after the adversities I had faced my nervous system never got back to safety. I closed down the business and stopped fighting my way through life. It was time to change direction, it was difficult starting over again. As I was starting over in every area not just work. At some point the cycles have to end, surrendering to the process was the hardest but best thing I’ve ever done. It wasn’t voluntary, I was tired. Starting over taught me that life’s happening now and it was exactly what I needed. Again at the time I didn’t know this but it also turned out to be the best thing for me.
I thought I’d be done at 30 and there I was starting again. This taught me balance and the importance of destination syndrome. There is no there, we only have now. It’s never been the right time for me to have kids of my own and given my journey when I make that decision it has to be right. So we are almost 3 years in from there. As I closed that business I opened the next and for two years it was a struggle to say the least. I followed my heart and began to focus all my energy on what lit me up inside. Rewired my brain and began to create a new reality. A healthy balanced life. 
At 30 I recreated my life. From the ground I rebuilt myself. I went and got my GCSES, went to university to study psychology as it was the obvious path for me. I’d been studying human behaviour daily anyway for 15 years so thought I’d go back to school. There I was met with the same struggle. Only this time I questioned and spoke up about the system. We all learn differently and it’s time the education system became inclusive. There’s a few issues I have with the system, what we are taught as children and how we are taught both as children and adults.
So I made my own system in a new business, I created an empire around the brain. Teaching what we weren't taught and teaching it how I think we should be taught. A way we can all understand. I've had coaching qualifications for over 10 years, I’m an NLP practitioner and almost completed my psychology degree and guess what? I have GCSES now too whooooo!! I've coached 100s of clients all over the world, written a collection of books and created countless products and services all with one goal. Help us be our best self. I work with adults and children to help them see their greatness, be the best version of them and create their best life. Basically everything I have learned through my own experiences. So that’s me in a nutshell. I’m now living my own best life. By the ocean where I love the most. Freedom is the most important thing to me to work from where ever, whenever doing whatever I want to. I think that’s the life we all deserve. To be able to do what we love daily on our own time. 
I haven't even told you half of it, but hopefully enough for you to understand if I can do this so can you! 
I REWIRED my brain and you can change your reality too. We continue to relive cycles until we change them and we can change them. Most of our subconscious beliefs aren’t even true. At one point we learned them and we can unlearn them when we choose to. I have documented exactly what I did and now I share it with the world. With you! 

Love Liz x

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